5 Tips to Prevent Being Locked Out of Your Car

There are numerous things that can go wrong while driving your car, locking yourself out of your car is likely ranking for the worst things that can happen near the top of the list. Once you shut down your car door and realize your car keys are already stuck in the ignition while you are out, there’s nothing you can do when you don’t have an extra key. The following tips are useful to consider while you are out driving, and they could save you the hassle and irritation of locking yourself out of your vehicle.

Prevent Being Locked Out of Your Car

  • Keep your Keys with You

The first necessary point when driving your car is never to keep your keys inside the vehicle while leaving. Try to put them in your pocket or purse, or have them in your hand at least when you get out. One common incident is putting them in the seat and then forgetting to pick them up while getting out. When you are willing to avoid these, you can hold onto keys when removing them from the ignition, and also keep them in your pocket. Having a colored key chain will help you keep hold of your keys, too. Some other multicolored items are flamingly colored lanyards, charms, and other embellishing things that help you keep track of your keys.

  • Use the Fob to Lock the Doors

Another way to stop lockout issues is to use the fob on the key to open the door. It is simple for keys that have an embedded locking mechanism. Only make sure to use the buttons on the key when you try to lock and unlock the car door. With this method, you’ll always have your keys with you, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to unlock your car doors.

When you leave your car before closing the door, take a quick check to make sure your car key is in your hand, in your pocket, or in your purse.

  • Have Spare Keys Made

A safer choice is to have spare keys made to avoid locking yourself out of the car. Based on the kind of keys you have, it determines how costly it is.

Your spare car keys are also available by this locksmith las vegas service, they have years of experience to do it. You can also get them at an affordable price with solid stability.

Including having backup keys, you need to have easy and ample access to these, anytime you lock yourself out of your car. Places to put spare keys involve:

  • In an easily accessible position at home, like the kitchen or in your bedroom. 
  • While it can look time-consuming, you can keep a spare key in your pocket or purse.
  • The other way that you can track your keys is to hide them somewhere on your vehicle, a magnetic box can be useful in an inconspicuous area hiding your car keys.
  • Replace Damaged Keys and Old Batteries Immediately

If your key gets damaged or the battery in your key fob gets weak, then replace them immediately. A damaged key in your lock could break off, and prevent you from unlocking the door. Or, if you have a remote for unlocking your car and there are no ways to manually open it with a key, a dead battery in the fob is an extreme cause to catch yourself trapped in the cold or dark night outdoors.

  • Lubricate Your Locks

Even for brutal cold weather, the car lock is frozen and jammed so you can’t put the keys in the hole or you could insert the key but not turn it. In this situation, you can prevent your lock from freezing or jamming and keep them lubricated. You should lubricate the locks a few often before the winter comes.

Though there are many ways to avoid locking yourself out of your car, cautiousness is the key driver that helps you keep track of your keys all time. Besides, the above tips will be great options to forget about the lock-out situation and its hassles. It’s also better to have active contact with a professional emergency locksmith service to help you in those embarrassing lock-out situations when you don’t have any options to unlock your car immediately.

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