Best Way to Use Glitter in a Halloween Costume

Glitter Halloween Costumes

Glitter has gained huge quantities of fissionability lately, and you might be looking for a way to include it in your Halloween costume. Indeed if you aren’t planning a veritably big Halloween costume this time, you can still use shimmer to add a bit of sparkle. It can make your Halloween costume stand out from everyone differently at your Halloween Party. However, consider these options, If you want to try shimmering with your costume. 

Loose Glitter 

This is what utmost people suppose of when they suppose of shimmer on a Halloween costume. Although it’s one of the most direct lines to Halloween shimmer, it’s also messy and delicate to pull off. However, you might want to do many practice runs in the days leading up to Halloween, If you do decide that you want to use loose shimmer on your Halloween costume. And of course, you ’ll want to set it with setting spray to insure that it doesn’t turn the whole Halloween party into a disco ball. 

Glitter- Invested Gel 

A gel makes it easier for shimmer to actually stay attached to your body. Plus, you ’re more likely to be suitable to attach pieces of shimmer that are bigger, making them more egregious alongside your costume. There are lots of largely- rated brands of gel shimmer that you might want to look into, especially if you ’re considering it for use outside of Halloween. The only strike is that it can occasionally be a little sticky or feel tight when it dries. 

Glitter Camo and Lip Buff 

These are a cherished part of life for people who really love shimmer. Lots of lip facades have either small specks of shimmer or a shimmer in them. Although utmost “ glitter ” powders are actually just shimmery, you can produce a shimmer camo on your own if you have a body-safe shimmer. This can give the perfect option if you ’re looking for a really nice shimmer addition to your costume. 

Shimmery Eyeliner

Eyeliner can’t generally have a shimmer invested into it because the shimmer will help it from spreading unevenly. You can produce a glittery eyeliner, but it tends to take some enough significant chops with both makeup operation and eyeliner. Still, a shimmery eyeliner can give a redundant glittery pop to your outfit if you ’re not interested in trying to add a shimmer. Use a color that matches well with your Halloween costume to make it indeed further of a flawless transition.

Shimmery Eyeshadow 

Obviously, a shimmery eyeshadow can look amazing if you apply it just like a regular eyeshadow. But numerous people use shimmery eyeshadow in further creative ways with a Halloween costume. One of the most common ways to use shimmery eyeshadow for Halloween is if you ’re interested in dressing up like a naiad. The shimmer of a blue and grandiloquent eyeshadow works great for a mermaid style that’s actually remarkably easy to do. Plus, you don’t need to go the whole nine yards — put on a couple of scales, add a cute glittery blue outfit and you ’re good to go. You can expand that to just about any Halloween costume. 

10 Stylish College Halloween Costumes 

Looking for the easiest and but council Halloween costumes? Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s time to start allowing your Halloween costume … or costumes. 

I’ve always loved Halloween, and it’s so important fun in council. Halloween is a HUGE deal on council premises, generally with a whole Hallo weekend full of parties. The fun doesn’t stop after just one night!! Coming up with a costume at the last nanosecond can be a pain, so I put together this list of 30 easy and cute council Halloween costumes you can copy.

  1. Risky Business 

This is similar to a class Halloween costume grounded off the old Tom Cruise movie Risky Business that you can fluently put together at the last nanosecond. All you need is a large white button- down( adopt one from a joe or snare a cheap bone from the store), white altitudinous socks, and some black Ray- Bans.

  • Fake Ray- Ban sunglasses 
  • White altitudinous socks

2. Disney Princess Culprits

I’ve seen this done many times now and I suppose it’s such a funny, creative Halloween costume idea. Principally you dress up as a Disney queen in her “ mugshot ” for whatever crime she’d have committed. 

  1. Alien 

An alien costume is really easy to pull together, all you need are some holographic covers and skirts, body shimmer, and an alien headband! Super simple AND out of this world cute. 

  • Holographic set 
  • Body shimmer 
  • Alien headbands 
  1. White Claw 

This is a delightful idea for a council Halloween costume, since it seems like every council pupil is obsessed with White Claw. What better way to show your love for your drink of choice than to dress up as it? 

  • Gray metallic films 
  • White tube top 
  • Body shimmer 

5. Mario and Luigi 

Mario and Luigi may be video game stylish musketeers, but this is the perfect

  • Halloween costume idea for you and your real- life stylish friend. 
  • Sequin tube top( red and green) 
  • Mario and Luigi headdresses 
  1. The Incredibles 

“It’ll be bold. Dramatic! Heroic!” – Wise words from Edna Mode, the developer of the superhero costumes in The Incredibles. These Edna- approved Halloween costumes are incredibly cute and sure to be a megahit. 

  • Red metallic skirts 
  • Incredibles shirt( you ’ll want to crop it!) 
  • Heart sunglasses 
  1. Boxer 

This Halloween costume will make you look like a total knockout. 😉 

  • Pink satin mask 
  • Calvin Klein set 
  • Pink boxing gloves 
  • Raw heels 
  1. Mummy 

Looking for a scary Halloween costume? This mummy look is both creepy yet cute. This is an easy enough costume to DIY, although you ’ll have to get your hands a little dirty when it comes to the reek wrappings! 

  • White bodycon set 
  • Reek tapes 
  1. Mean Girls 

 Want the perfect group costume for a council Halloween party? Dressing up as the characters from Mean Girls is a commodity you can fluently extemporize, especially if your wardrobe consists of a lot of pink! 

  1. Spring Breakers 

Spring Breakers is a classic council movie about a group of musketeers who plan a thievery in order to fund their spring break. While it’s a delightful Halloween costume idea, just try not to do as many illegal effects … 

  • Pink hoodie 
  • Ski mask 
  • Toy ordnance 


With so numerous ways to indulge your shimmer pining, there’s surely an opening for shimmer in your Halloween costume. You might indeed be suitable to take a Halloween costume and make it a little more glam. Glittery shark, glittery naiad, glittery Little Red Riding Hood — you could indeed produce a disco punk zombie if you tried hard enough. 

Still, you might have a natural gift for makeup that extends indeed once Halloween costumes, If Halloween has always been your jam. Why not develop that into a career? With an Ogle School cosmetology degree, you can take your love of makeup and apply it to other areas in your life. Who knows? Perhaps those Halloween costumes will serve you well in an SFX career down the line.

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