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Dorm Room Theft: Ways to Prevent It

A dorm or apartment is typically the first experience for many students of being alone in college. When they move into an apartment for living alone, or with an unfamiliar roommate that creates a lot of security concerns.

What if your new roommate who is with you, isn’t trustworthy? What if they have a bad habit of avoiding security-conscious or leaving the door unlocked? What if they’re overall reliable but the friends they invite are not so? These are the intricacies involved in a dorm or apartment for college, and there’s no way to trust everyone who may have access to your dorm. When you tend to move in, consider these security precautions.

  • Keep Doors Locked

A dorm environment is a place where a door can be easily unlocked. Dorm managers usually do their best to increase friendly interaction among students living in the building. Unfortunately, when you leave a door unlocked, on the contrary, it easily invites a burglary in the dorm.

It’s fine when you are staying in the room, but how you prepare yourself in the leaving time, slide that deadbolt home. It is very easy for one person to slip through the front door in a crowded environment to ransack a dorm room. But, there is a chance that you can take action about coming to burglars by ensuring your valuables items in a hidden or locking them away securely when you leave. Additionally, you can install advanced electronic locks on your front door which is the best choice for you to prevent all the thefts. To install the locks and secure the dorm room forever, visit: http://www.prolocksmithnearme.com.

  • Keep Watch on your Laptop

Laptops and tablets are designed to be portable computing devices, making them perfect for the hectic college lifestyle. Unfortunately, that makes them prime targets for theft. In a crowd, most buddies won’t pay much awareness to who owns a given computing device. Today, laptop and tablets are designed in a way that benefits like portable computing devices, making them useful for the tumultuous college lifestyle. 

Place it on a table and keep yourself from wandering off for a snack or bathroom break, and it will take a second to escape a thief from the place. It is not only to prevent any theft, but it also gives you pleasure securing your possessions. 

  • Ensure your Valuables

Although most college students don’t go to have a jewelry box full of golds, that doesn’t mean they don’t possess any valuables. You should think about the value of the items you are bringing to your college. Laptop, tablet, or smartphone are valuable, and also your bike is no exception if you bring one with you when you come to college. Besides, the musical instruments have a lot of value and your most favorite items as well. Although your car is less likely to be stolen, you may benefit from added insurance if you leave it parked while you’re on the holiday break.

  • Pack for Break Properly

The college takes breaks almost during the semester and around the holidays. These are the times when the school is virtually shut down, the students all move their home, and the number of buddies on campus decreases. And this is the best time to attempt the items left in unlocked rooms, unprotected cars, and other such positions. If you are taking action to prevent burglars, then you must keep in mind about the breaks when you are not around. Hide them away in your room or take them with you. Make sure the doors and windows and even windows on the second floor are locked properly. If you ensure all the protection, then you don’t overlook anything in the view of the windows.

  • Don’t Forget Fire Hazards

Now, most dorms are designed with safety precautions in mind and always made of avoiding all the flammable materials. However, there are at least two or three news reports that someone has managed to set fires.

The circumstance could be for too long time microwaving popcorn; overloading a power outlet with excess power strips; leaving the hairdryers plugged in while one of them malfunctions and so on. So, do not practice set fires and strictly avoid lighting candles, high wattage bulbs, and unplug devices that produce heat while leaving your dorms. That fire protection may not directly be related to theft prevention, but it is most important to save your valuables from burning.

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