Purple Shirts For Women: 15 Eye-Catching Outfit Ideas

To look more feminine, one of the easiest ways to do this is to wear a shirt pink or purple. I will talk about the purple shirts for women in this blog. Specifically, I’m going to be talking about how to style purple shirts for women. It usually looks best when worn as part of your business casual attire. Skinny jeans or leather pants can be paired with a purple blouse for a simple yet stunning look. To better show you how to style her, I have put together some very beautiful purple shirt outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out.

Purple shirts for women with Deep Blue High Waisted Midi Skirt

To start this list of great and deep purple shirts for women ‘s outfit ideas, I am going to show you a casual outfit that is quite comfortable and stylish. To complete this look, you can simply wear a purple button-down shirt and pair it with a navy blue high-waisted midi skirt. As for shoes, wear white heels to complete the outfit in a refreshingly simple way.

Long Purple Shirts for women with Longline Crepe Cardigan

On the basis of a purple blouse, you can create not only business casual outfits but also a stylish street look. To do this, you can choose long purple shirts for women and combine them with a long crepe cardigan. Pair them with ripped and cropped blue skinny jeans and a pair of camel suede ankle boots for an even more elegant look.

Button Up Purple Shirts for women with White Flared Jeans

This is a very refreshing and feminine outfit that is very easy to take off. You can simply wear button-down purple shirts for women with white flared jeans. Wear a black leather belt to make your waist stand out and look slimmer. Complete your look with a pair of light gray suede ankle boots to avoid looking too casual.

Button Up Purple Shirts for women with Black Skinny Jeans

Here is another very simple but stylish casual outfit. Team a purple button-down blouse with black skinny jeans to pull off this look. Pair an oversized light gray leather clutch with a pair of brown leather heeled ankle boots for a smart and classy look.

Purple Chiffon Shirt with Black Sequin Jeans

Here is a very beautiful and shiny outfit that looks, paradoxically, quite naturally. To create this amazing look, you can wear a purple chiffon shirt with black sequin casual pants. Complete your look with black suede pointed heel pumps.

Long Sleeve Pleated Purple Shirts for women with Ankle Jeans

For a slightly more mature look, add some leopard print to your look. For example, a purple long sleeve shirt and navy ankle-length jeans will showcase your sartorial self. Now add a pair of leopard-heeled peep-toe pumps for a mature and classy touch.

Puff Sleeve Purple Shirts for women with Navy Skinny Jeans

Here is a very simple business casual outfit that you can wear if you want to look serious and understated. For this, you can simply wear a purple button-down shirt with puffed sleeves and pair it with navy skinny jeans. Complete your look with black suede pointed heel pumps for an added touch of class.

Purple Chiffon Crew-neck Top with Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans

After looking at some great business casual outfits, let’s turn around and take a look at some super chic streetwear. Complete your look with a violet crew-neck chiffon long sleeve blouse to avoid looking too casual. Pair it with heavily ripped blue skinny jeans. Wear camel suede ankle boots to complete this wonderful look.

Hot Purple Button Down Shirt with White Mini Shorts

To create this simple and refreshing look, you can simply layer a purple button-down shirt over the top. Pair it with white denim mini shorts. As for shoes, you can wear a pair of white heeled sandals for a refreshing and elegant look.

Purple Blouse with Black Leather Pants

As you can see from the previous outfit, a simple purple button-down blouse can be worn very casually with shorts. On the other hand, if you want to give your look a dark and cool style, you can pair the blouse with black leather leggings. For shoes, wear black suede ankle boots, which are ideally combined with leather leggings.

Silk Wrap Top with Black Skinny Jeans

If you’re going to a formal event soon but hate wearing anything out of the ordinary, here’s a simple outfit that can still make you look decent enough to stick with the event. Wear a purple silk wrap tie blouse with black skinny jeans to pull together this look. Wear black heeled loafers for a more elegant and stylish look.

Light Purple Pleated Off Shoulder Blouse with Skinny Jeans

To look refreshing and airy, you can wear a very light purple off-the-shoulder pleated blouse. Instead of formal attire, go casual by pairing a blouse with light blue skinny jeans. In terms of footwear, a pair of nude-heeled sandals will pair perfectly with your outdoor top.

Purple Chiffon Blouse with White Skinny Jeans

This purple chiffon blouse is so shiny it looks a lot like shocking pink. Either way, to create an alluring and feminine look around it, you can wear it with white skinny pants and a pair of pale pink ankle strap peep-toe pumps. Carry a pale pink leather handbag with you to make this outfit even more elegant and attractive.

Wear with a gray floral pleated midi skirt

For an airy look perfect for summer and spring, pair a purple sleeveless blouse with a gray and white floral pleated midi skirt. Wear a pair of pretty powder pink pumps for a girly and refreshing look.

Here are purple shirts for women outfit ideas that can really make you stand out from the crowd, but are pretty easy to pull off. Try them out and see if purple suits you.

Well, we say: “Great!” but purple is more than playing Cupid. To begin with, purple has been associated with royalty, power, and wealth for centuries, dating back to the Roman and Greek civilizations. It was a rare color available only to a select few.

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